11 Ideas to Help Your Child Get Rid of the Pacifier

11 Ideas to Help Your Child Get Rid of the Pacifier

Pacifier or lollipop, whatever name you give it, its healing power has saved more than one parent. Relieves, comforts, sleeps, the pacifier is the miracle object!

The pacifier has a reassuring character for children. It evokes the breast of mothers and brings pleasure and relaxation to babies.

Why Get Rid of the Pacifier?

Why is it advisable to Get Rid of the pacifier after 3 years? Discover the main reasons below.

The pacifier could cause orthodontic disorders. Your child’s dentition may become deformed. A dental appliance could then be necessary to straighten his teeth. An experience that many children would do well (mockery, pain …). Only orthodontists are delighted!

The pacifier for baby would generate respiratory problems. Using a pacifier too often and for too long could lead to breathing problems. Your child may get into the habit of breathing through the mouth and not through the nose.

The pacifier could cause language disorders. Zozotement, bad diction, speech problem, the lollipop would be discouraged after 3 years to avoid possible language disorders.

The pacifier baby could cause deformations of the palate. Repeated use of a pacifier may cause deformities of the palate resulting in later otitis, rhinitis and nasopharyngitis.

How to help your child get rid of the pacifier?

Do you want to help your child get rid of the pacifier? Discover 13 simple tips to implement and share yours in comments.

1 | Take the time to dialogue with your child

The essential step for your child to get rid of the pacifier is to explain the situation calmly and clearly. Without rushing it, you can make him understand that the use of his lollipop is not good for him. You can also remind him that the pacifier is rather reserved for babies and that he does not have one anymore. Be careful not to offend, use simple and sweet words. Let him also express his feelings, his objections and his possible proposals.

2 | Choose the right moment

get rid of the pacifier is not an innocuous step for a child. It is therefore important to choose the right moment for the stop to be effective. If your child experiences a significant change in his life (moving, changing class, baby’s arrival …), he will need his pacifier to reassure himself.

3 | Enjoy an important event

Pleasant moments like Christmas or birthdays can motivate your children to stop the pacifier more easily. These moments contribute to formalize the entry into the world of “big” and thus the stop of the lollipop.

4 | Bet on a stop of the progressive pacifier

It is not advisable to get rid of the pacifier in one go. To avoid rushing your child, suggest that they go step by step. You can accept the pacifier at certain times like the night for example, and prohibit it to others for example: the meals, the moments of games, during the exits. Over time, your child will stop the lollipop himself. It’s up to you to determine the times during which the pacifier is allowed or prohibited, but you can also talk to your child about it.

5 | Imagine a beautiful story to give up the lollipop

As we all know, children love to be told stories. So, why not invent an imaginary adventure that will convince your children to stop lollipop? Fairies, goblins, princesses … call on your creativity to find the best story! And if you lack imagination.

6 | Do you rely on books

Supporters of dialogue, the books accompany our children in the different stages of their development, reassuring them. You can rely on them to convince your child to finish with the pacifier. From Tchoupi to Petit Loup, the opportunities for your child to identify with heroes he knows well do not miss.

You will find books to help your child stop pacifier here.

7 | Encourage your child

No need to compare your child to his friends, who have already stopped the pacifier. It is important that you support your child and that you encourage him in this step which can be difficult for him. You can make a schedule that you will complete with your child. He will affix a sticker every day he will not use his lollipop. These small rewards will make your child very proud of him.

8 | Ask an outside person for help

An outside opinion may possibly convince your child to get rid of the pacifier more easily. Dentist, pediatrician, doctor … these health professionals can explain simply why it is important to stop the nipple. Often, an outsider has an easier time reasoning with a child. To try !

9 | Test the anti-scratch varnish

You probably know the nail polish that we put on the nails to stop gnawing them. Some parents also use it to convince their kid to finish with the pacifier. Just brush your child’s pacifier with this product. His very bitter taste should dissuade him quickly from continuing to suck his pacifier. The varnish is used from 3 years. However, the method is as radical as it is violent and should only be used as a last resort if the situation so requires.

10 | Offer him a Machouyou

Machouyou is a silicone transition pacifier that replaces the thumb or pacifier. It is also used to put the baby teeth back in place. He prepares the mouths of the children before the arrival of permanent teeth. It can be used day and night. Machouyou is not a teething ring, it must not be crunched or chewed. It is used from 2 years.

11 | Do not go back!

Big anger, sadness, anguish, your child may go through trying stages before finally stopping the pacifier. As difficult as the period is, it is better not to go back. On the other hand, take as much time as necessary to reassure and cuddle him, keeping in mind that you act for his good.

And you ? Was your child dependent on his pacifier? How did you stop him?

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